12 South Winter Warmer

Stop what you are doing and mark your calenders right now. Tickets for 12 South Winter Warmer go on sale in about a month. Tickets are limited to 750. Mark my words, IT WILL sell out. This event is being organized by Matt Leff, the same craft beer aficionado who put together the awesome East Nashville Beer Festival.

I recently met up with Matt to hand off some beers from my travels up north, and he listed off a few of the kegs that will be present. If you like barrel-aged and limited release beers, then you will be one happy attendee. All the players in the Nashville beer scene will be also present. Check the website or facebook page for more info.

Sorry for the long hiatus. I am in the height of my busy season- but i will be back in full force soon. The good news is that there are other Nashville bloggers to keep you company (look to the right)



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