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Hey All,

Real quick as I have some invoices to tend to, I would like to give some cool news! Next week we will be getting in a nice, new shipment of Fort Collin's Brewing Co and with that order we will have this years Helles Bock, Wheatwine and Incredible Hop part 2 (imperial India red)! I am going to try my damnedest to get this out into the market at the end of week- at least on premise to a couple of people if I have time. I should spread the market pretty good the following week and I am hoping I can roll out Ruckus Brewing's Hoptimus Prime DIPA. If you haven't heard of the FT. Collin's Incredible Hop Series, it's a one-off series of highly hopped imperial beers released quarterly. The first was there Imperial Cascadian dark ale (which we missed), this one is the Imperial India Red, third quarter will bring the Imperial Wheat IPA and fourth quarter will bring the Triple-Double(Imperial Belgian IPA).

We hope everyone had a great time at the East Nashville Beer Fest because we had a blast and found it to be a huge success and look forward to next years! Until next time, drink craft beer and don't kill puppies!


Joshua Scutella
Director & Better Beer Guy

Random Beer News

This will be short. I still have to pay Uncle Sam and work has been hectic this week. First, the bad news. I am reading reports that Avery Brewing will cease all shipments to TN. I had a feeling this was coming, based on increased demand and my conversations with an Avery rep at the Great American Beer Festival. I buy many of their beers on a regular basis, so I will hate to see them go. However, our state distribution laws and taxes do not make it easy for craft brewers. I apologize if this offends a few of my retail friends, but craft beer needs to be sold under ONE ROOF WITH ONE DISTRIBUTOR. Our current system hurts the consumer.

New shipments of Jolly Pumpkin have arrived on the high gravity side. Look for La Roja and Oro De Calebaza. They are a great artisan, Belgian style brewery- check them out. If you can still find any, New Belgium Le Terroir is an excellent beer for you sour heads. It's so good I went back an bought another.

That's it for now. Check back for my review of the East Nashville Beer Festival and my interview with Zac Tiemert of Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.



Left Hand Leaving Tennessee?

Boulevard, Dogfish Head, and now Left Hand? Anyone see a pattern here? Local beer blogger posted this in our Facebook group. More details to follow, but it looks like no more Left Hand Milk Stout, at least for east TN.

Bounty Bev and better beer guy Josh Scutella tells me that TN is divided into three markets, and that our Mid- TN market was not mentioned as getting the axe. I will post the news (or rumors) as I hear them.


Dogfish Head Squall IPA- Drink Now or Wait?

As you all know by now, Dogfish Head is pulling out of TN because they can't meet demand due to the Brewmaster TV show on Discovery Channel, blah blah blah. The good news is that Nashville just received a shipment of Squall IPA before the pull out. For those unfamiliar with this beer, it's basically 90 Minute IPA, but unfiltered and bottle conditioned (like it used to be).

I decided to stop in at Grand Cru Wine and Spirits because I was in the area. If you have not been there, it's cool little shop with a friendly staff. They selection is small, but they make up for it in quality. Plus they sell singles, which saves me the expense of buying an entire six pack. I saw that they had bottles of Squall IPA and decided to grab one. The clerk then recommended that the beer be cellared for a few months before opening. You can imagine my reaction. To a hop head, aging a Double IPA is unheard of!

"No way- with IPAs, the fresher the better!" I replied. She then told me that there was a notice from Dogfish Head inside the case, recommending that this beer be stored for a few months before consuming. I was perplexed and felt like a douche at the same time. Certainly the brewery would not release a beer before it was properly conditioned in the bottle. Or would they?

I left the store with my Squall IPA, New Belgium Frambozen, and Sam Adams Wee Heavy. While driving home, I realized that I probably came across as a self-righteous beer snob. If I did, my apologies go out to that employee. I get rather passionate about my hoppy beers and I don't like seeing them sold or consumed past their prime. But I still wanted to know what the heck that note was about . As soon as I arrived home, I raced to the laptop to seek the advice of the fellow hopheads on our Facebook group. Their conclusion was what I was thinking all the darn thing and find out.

The clerk and Dogfish Head were correct. Technically, this beer was not ready to open as bottle conditioning was not complete. However, my home does not have style guidelines. There is an overwhelming consesus among craft beer enthusiasts that hoppy beers are best consumed fresh, because bitterness fades with each passing day. So what should you do?  
  • If you want more balance between the malt and hop flavors, along with proper carbonation- give this beer some more time in the bottle. You'll sacrifice SOME bitterness, but will get more toffee and caramel malt notes in return. Two months may be pushing it- I say split the difference
  • If you enjoy aggressive or bold bitterness, don't mind softer carbonation, and are willing to sacrifice some appearance- Drink it now. Sometimes it's ok to ignore brewer intent
With craft beer- there is no right or wrong. It's all about what YOU like. Taste is subjective. I need to remember that next time I am conversing with the good folks who sell me beer.

This will be the last post before the East Nashville Beer Festival. As I predicted in several posts- it sold out. I hope you all bought tickets. I will be a wearing a shirt that reads "If it's not craft, it's crap." Come up and say hi and share a beer. I enjoy meeting other craft beer enthusiasts



An Update From The Better Beer Guys....

Hey There,

Happy April everyone! We got some cool things transpiring next week as we prepare for the E. Nashville Beer Fest so I figured I should fill you in on some BountyBev/BonusBev stuff. Cool? Ok good, glad we are on the same page.

Next week we we have a couple of shipments hitting our dock, we have Reading Premium coming in which is a good retro/value brand resurrected by Ruckus Brewing as well as Ruckus's Hoptimus Prime DIPA! I am not sure I am going to be able to shoot it out to the market next week as we are still awaiting Label approval from the state but if it goes through we might get some bombers out on premise by end of the week. Also, Christian Moerlein ales and lagers will be touching down as well with there IPA and OTR beers. Moerlein makes some quality beer and I think you will really enjoy there OTR ale. Last on the new arrivals will be another Lucky Bucket shipment with the much anticipated Certified Evil on board! This will not go out immediately as we are still getting some paper work filled out from the Brewery but you will be able to try it at the East Nashville Beer Fest and meet Zach Tremert, the man behind Lucky Bucket Brewing co! Our first lines of "High Gravity" beers will be pouring in through out the next month or so with additions from Stoudt's, Sprecher and Caldera so I will keep you guys posted on that, where, when etc... I will post links below to some of the stuff mentioned above so you can chicky-check some of this stuff out.

I am so excited for next Saturday and the East Nashville Beer Fest it's insane! I can't wait to see everyone there and share some better beers and chat it up. We (BountyBev) will have new versions of our Better Beer Brigade T-Shirts for sale and Tattoos as well so be sure to check that out when you see Kurt, Eric or I around the festival. Be sure to find Matt Leff, the creator of this awesome event and thank him for the hard work and time he put in to make it happen. Until next time, have a craft beer and chill!

All Hail Craft!
Joshua Scutella
Director & Better Beer Guy
BountyBev & BonusBev