12 Percent Imports To Land in Nashville!

12 Percent Imports

Hey craftheads! I am out of hibernation! To be honest, this blog is really more of a landing page/directory. Unless I want to post articles that agitate beer drinkers in order to get click revenue, there is no purpose for a traditional style beer blog. Social media gets the news out before I can get to the keyboard. So make sure all of you followers are in the facebook groups Nashville Beer Geek and Nashville Craft Beer Aficionados.

 I have some exciting news from my good fried Shea Pearsful, who is the portfolio manager at Delerium Wine and Spirits. Yes folks, 12 Percent Imports is coming to the Nashville area. That means we will be getting Against the Grain, Stillwater,Evil Twin, Off Color, Omnipollo Tilquin, Hoften Dormal, and Local Option. And yes, Shea will be working hard to get allocations for limited releases. Look for this stuff to start hitting shelves Thursday.

There will be two tap takeover events coming soon, so check the facebook group for update. There will be a 12 tap takeover at Hop Stop, and a 6 tap takeover at 12 South Tap Room.

Our beer scene continues to grow and thrive thanks to all of you craft addicts.




Yo craft addicts. Yes folks, I have been hibernating for quite a long time. But don't forget, I am Nashville's laziest beer blogger. Accept no substitutes. There is so much going on, so I strongly suggest you follow the Nashville Beer Geek facebook group in addition to Nashville Craft Beer Aficionados. I promise you will stay more current than this blog. So what awakened me from my long nap? Founders! Yes they are coming to Tennessee. I had to change my underwear when I saw the following email in my inbox:
Founders Beer Will Be Available in Volunteer State in April 2014 GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 14, 2014 - Founders Brewing Co. announced today that it is expanding its distribution territory to include the Volunteer State, with a network of distributors slated to represent the brand across almost the entire state of Tennessee beginning in April. “We’ve been distributing in most of the states surrounding Tennessee for years,” said Co-Founder and CEO Mike Stevens. “Beer enthusiasts in Tennessee have been growing the craft beer scene, and they’ve been patient with us. We’re excited to be able to bring our beer to them.” Founders distribution coverage will include the four major metropolitan areas of Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville. Residents of Tennessee can expect to find Founders’ year-round and seasonal products on draft in the first shipment. Bottles will begin arriving in the next shipment, and specialty releases will follow the brewery’s release schedule from there. Founders recently announced distribution in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana in addition to Tennessee, bringing the brewery’s total distribution footprint to 31 states. For a list of all the states in which Founders is available and the brewery’s 2014 availability calendar, visit foundersbrewing.com
Folks, Founders Reds Rye is one of my desert island beers. It's simply the most drinkable rye pale ale on the planet. Another Michigan brewery New Holland launched yesterday at Flying Saucer. Now all we need is Bell's to come to TN for the trifecta. The craft beer pool is getting crowded, but I sure as hell don't mind. Until next time (hopefully some time this year), stay safe and don't let me catch you drinking shitty beer. Cheers, Smitty

Picnic® Summer Ale from Blackstone Brewing Co.® Returns

Smitty's Review:

This pours a clear straw golden with a white head. Fruity and herbal nose. Lighter side of medium bodied with average carbonation. Initial flavor of cereal-like pale malts, which really came across more German in character than English. Dry finish with a lingering grassy and herbal bitterness. Extremely smooth and clean for an ale. If you are into California Commons and hop forward Pilsners, this seems like a blend of the two. Very good, simple, and perfect for those hot days or summer cookouts.

Press Release:
Just in time to enjoy on summer’s hottest days, Blackstone Brewing Company®, brewer of award-winning ales since 1994, has brought Picnic®, an English-style summer ale, back to Middle Tennessee.  Blackstone, which has operated Nashville’s oldest brewpub since 1994, opened a state-of-the art brewing and bottling facility in mid-2011.   

Picnic® is described as a lighter version of a classic Pale Ale that retains the wonderful flavors and aromas of British Pale Ale malt and hops, while using a significant portion of wheat for a lighter body and crisp finish. Blackstone brewed Picnic® with imported barley malt and hops from Great Britain to create this authentic ale. First introduced in summer 2012, Picnic® was selected by CraftBeer.com to be featured in its “Beers of Summer - Craft Beer’s Summer Seasonals.”

Picnic® is a great beer; it is a hot weather refresher that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or character,” said Stephanie Weins, co-owner of Blackstone Brewing Co.®

 Picnic® is available for a limited time, both on draft and in bottles, at bars and stores in the Nashville, Clarksville, Knoxville, and east Tennessee areas. 

 About Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery®:

Opened in 1994, Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery® is Nashville’s oldest and most popular brewpub. Blackstone award-winning craft beers Chaser Pale®, Nut Brown Ale, American Pale Ale and St. Charles Porter® are brewed at both the brewpub and at the new, state-of-the-art, brewing and bottling facility, Blackstone Brewing Company®.  Chaser Pale®, Nut Brown Ale and St. Charles Porter® have been awarded medals at both the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup; St. Charles Porter® is the most award-winning Brown Porter in the history of the Great American Beer Festival. Visit www.blackstonebrewery.com for additional information.    

May 2013 -New Brews and Other News

Hello craft addicts. I am back…for now. It is I, Nashville’s laziest beer blogger. Accept no substitutes.

 I have not been out much because work has just been crazy. What I can tell you is that Southern Tier Plum Noir and 2x Steam, Lagunitas Imperial Stout, and Highland Imperial Kashmir IPA hit the shelves. It’s probably too late, but if you can still find some Straight to Ale Gorillanaught, it gets the hop head’s seal of approval. If there are any Brandon Jones' beers left at the Yazoo tap room, I’d suggest you get over there right now.

 Speaking of Brandon Jones, the first annual Yazoo Funk Fest was a phenomenal success. If you were not there, too funkin bad. What did you miss? Yazoo 100% Brett Custersianus Amarillo Double Hopped Ale, Yazoo Lichtenhainer Style Ale, Yazoo 100% Brett Fermented Hibiscus Ale, Yazoo Wild Child , Yazoo Sour Cherry, Yazoo Drie Day - 100% Brett Fermented Ale aged Grand Marnier Oak, Yazoo Brett Horyezons - 100% Brett Fermented Ale aged Rye Whisky Barrel, and Yazoo/New Belgium Rufus. That’s just the Yazoo beers. The guest beer list was outstanding! Too many to list, but off the top of my head there was Cantillon 100% Lambic Bio, Oude Gueuze Tilquin, Russian River Consecration, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Orval, Saison Dupont, Panil Bariquee, Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere, Samiclaus, Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueuze, Leifman’s Goudenbond, Lost Abbey Saint’s Devotion, and more. The Bloomy Rind brought some great cheeses. My favorites were Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Hop Devil, and Widmer. We had free access to roam around the brewery and check out the new barrel room. An added bonus was that it was not crowded(although that will change next year, now that the cat’s out of the bag). Brandon and Linus brought their A game for the sourheads. You all have to take your hats off to Linus Hall.The guy took his life savings and built Yazoo up to what it is now. He lead the charge on the new beer tax overhaul legislation, brought Brandon Jones on to start a barrel and sour program, and held the first sour beer festival in town. Nashville is so lucky that he set up shop here.

Nashville’s craft beer boom continues at a pleasantly alarming rate. I ran into Black Abbey’s Carl Meier at Cool Springs Brewery. He tells me that August or September is their targeted opening date. We are in for a real treat when they come online. Czann’s Brewing Co. beers are starting to make appearance at various bars. Tennessee Brew Works is inching closer to their opening. Last I heard, they are targeting for some time in June. Honkey Tonk Brewing company applied for their beer permits for wholesaler and on/off premise. Little Harpeth Brewing is under construction as well and is slated to open sometime this summer. Jackalope, Fat Bottom, and Mayday are expanding capacity. I should just get on the liver transplant list now. This is nuts. Just five years ago, I was scrounging for ANY Nashville craft beer news. Now I can’t keep up.

Back to Cool Springs Brewery. I stopped by for lunch and to sample the Shaft Black IPA and the CircumSaison (an 8% saison with Mosaic hops). Both were excellent. And their pizza lunch buffet is a great deal at $8.99. I wish it were closer

 You really need to check out Craft Brewed Nashville’s high gravity store. Ryan did an awesome job. They have a great selection that is VERY WELL organized. No tucking the beers in the corner or wherever there is a spare square foot of floor space. Plus the hop forward beers are refrigerated. We already know that the low gravity side is a kick ass place to enjoy a beer, shop for six packs and singles, and fill a growler.
Rhizome Productions Brew At The Zoo will be held on May 31st. Tickets are available here. And you know if Matt Leff is involved, it won’t suck. Unfortunately I will be gone that weekend. It seems that all of his events are held when I am out of town. Is this planned? Hmmm

That’s it for now. It’s now back to work selling  marching band stuff online. Until next time- cheers