Beer Tasting Events- Expand Your Craft Beer Appreciation

Are you tired of fizzy, watery, and lifeless American "macro" beers? Have you always wanted to learn more about craft beer but had no idea of where to start or what to buy? If the answer is yes, then let me be the "beer guide" for your next event or private party.

Beer can be lined up for comparison tasting, similar to wine tastings. There are more than 23 styles of beer using various malts and yeast strains, which is why many argue that beer is more complex than wine. Beer also pairs wonderfully with food.

No group is too big or too small. I work with you or your event planner to assemble a list of quality beers . I can also coordinate with caterers and chefs to ensure proper food pairing. During the event, I walk the guests through each beer and explain what they should be seeing, smelling and tasting. I also give a brief history on each style and try to answer any questions. Most importantly, I will be there to make the event fun and educational.

My Credentials:
  • Craft beer aficionado for over 17 years
  • Participated in several tasting panels that included BJCP Beer Judges. 
  • Rare beer collector
  • Homebrewer
  • Over 2,000 beers tasted and logged since 2005
  • Visited over 300 beer bars, brewpubs, breweries, and bottle shops in the US and UK
  • Sampled beers from 28 different countries
  • Attended numerous beer festivals and tastings throughout the US, including the Great American Beer Festival in Denver
  • Beer Advocate Top 100 Beers on Earth: Tasted 70
  • Ratebeer Top 50: Tasted 36
Other services:

  • Retail Consulting- How to organize, display, and store craft beer to increase sales and attract loyal craft beer consumers
  • Server Training- Education on beer and your product line. This ensures that your waitstaff and bartenders can properly answer customer questions, as well as assist with the selections. 
  • Beer Menu Consultation- Construct or revise your current beer list so that you have quality beers that pair well with your food menu, but also cater to the palates of your customer base.
    Fees: Varies depending on the location, date, and event time line. Email me at for a quote.