The Session #35

The Session is a group writing project where all bloggers and writers from around the world write about the same subject. I decided to participate, even though I am a few days late. The subject for this session is "New Beer's Resolution." Here it goes:

Best Beer for 2009? 
I have tried so many great beers this year, but if I had to pick just one- it would have to be Russian River Consecration. Vinnie Cilurzo is one of the top artisan brewers in the country, and this beer is so nicely crafted and balanced.  A close second would be Surly Darkness. As far as Nashville goes, my best of 2009 goes to Yazoo Sue (the revised recipe in bottles). This smoked imperial porter is worthy of a GABF entry. Congrats to Linus Hall for being the first local brewer (?) to enter the high gravity market and jumping through all the government hurdles.

Worst Beer for 2009? 
This is easy. Bud Light Chelada. If Satan had a beer bar in hell, this would be on the menu.

What beer mistakes did you make?
Finishing a can of Bud Light Chelada

What beer resolutions do you have for 2010? 
Drink down my cellar before some of my beers oxidize, but avoid not gaining weight at the same time.  

What are your beer regrets and embarrassing moments? 
I regret not buying tickets to other sessions at the Great American Beer Festival. One session is not enough. Plus I missed the chance to try Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gueze and The Bruery Black Tuesday.Embarrassing moments? Nothing too bad this year. Just the occasional beer left in the freezer.

What are you hoping to change about your beer experience in 2010?
I was laid off from a job that allowed me to travel, thus losing the opportunities to try different brewpubs and bring home bottles from around the country. What I will have to do is find ways to fill that void of not traveling.

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