Boulevard Is Pulling Out Of Tennessee

Yes folks. Boulevard is pulling their entire portfolio out of Tennessee due to lack of sales. That's too bad because their Smokestack Series were excellent, and the lower gravity selection were a decent budget beers (especially the Single Wide IPA). Tennessee still has a long way to go before we have a "beer culture," as in states like PA, IL, OR, and CA. Retailers and distributors (Lipman and DET listen up), craft beer can't sell itself. If you want a product line to catch on, PROMOTE IT! We have lost good beers because of non existent promotion and marketing, such as Great Divide, St Bernardus, and now Boulevard. I really wish this distributors would hire reps that are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about craft beer, not bean counter types who think Blue Moon and Gennessee Cream Ale are top notch beers.

On the up side, I hear Goose Island ( from my home state of IL) will be here soon. As to what beers, I have no idea. Hopefully the high gravity beers, as well as the standard session beers. Let's hope the distributor does not F this one up.



Should I Post Video Reviews?

I know other bloggers have ventured into video reviews, so I was curious if there was any interest on this blog. I have pondered the idea for some time, but I kept putting it off. The one thing I like about written reviews is that the audience can derive the information at their own pace, or skip over the information they don't need. A video requires that one sit through the entire clip. However, if I decide to do a video review, I will keep it simple and to the point. What do you all think?


Should Yazoo Can It?

Head honcho Linus Hall at Yazoo is asking us that question. He is pondering the idea of switching from bottles to cans. He wants the Yazoo drinkers to vote at the Yazoo Blog.

I do realize that bottles are synonymous with craft beer, but I firmly believe cans are a better choice. There are several reasons:

  • lower dissolved oxygen levels since there is less air space 
  • easier and cheaper to recycle
  • beer gets colder faster
  • impervious to light (light is very bad for beer)
  • cheaper to package and transport 
  • less restrictive to consume at places like pools, beaches, events, etc.

As far as adding a metallic taste to the beer, that's just misinformation. Cans are now 100% aluminum and have a tasteless water based liner on the inside. In a blind taste test, you will not be able to taste the difference between a canned or bottled beer fresh from the brewery. Now a bottled beer that has sat in direct or direct light for a month WILL taste different- and worse.

I vote for cans. What about you?


Oh Heck Yeah! Moylan's Finally Arrives In Nashville

I know I mentioned that they were coming, but beers from the California brewery Moylan's are now on the shelves! For the hopheads, there is the Hopsickle Imperial IPA, Moylander Double IPA, and Nor Cal IPA. For those that prefer less bitterness in their beer, go for the Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale or Danny's Irish Red Ale. I have yet to have a mediocre or bad beer from this brewery. Let's show them some Nashville beer love so that they stick around for awhile. Expect to find these at liquor stores that carry a craft beer selection (Midtown, Frugal MacDoogal, Graces Plaza, Red Dog, J Barleycorn, Total Beverage, etc. )

The Music City Brewers festival is fast approaching. Get your tickets soon because some sessions are already sold out. For more information, visit .  This is a great way to sample the retail and locally brewed beers that are available in the Nashville market. They also have regional brewers that are not locally accessible. I went last year and I must say they have really improved the organization of the event. The lines are still extremely sllllllow, so get there early. I doubt that I will be attending this year because I need to start saving my limited funds for the grand daddy of them all, The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Co. Being a beer aficionado is not cheap.