Local High Gravity Beers On The Horizon? I sure hope so!

Yazoo brewer Linus Hall has been active in trying to get the proper license to brew beers over 6% (high gravity). I checked his blog today and he is looking for suggestions for styles IF they were to brew a high gravity beer. He is hinting that local brewers may soon be able to do so! Heck yeah!

Here is the link to leave a comment to vote on your favorite style. I chose Double IPA. There's a shocker (insert sarcasm)

I sure hope the law changes. Tennessee has some serious problems with the beer and liquor laws. For starters, only breweries outside TN can sell high gravity beers in TN. Local breweries and brewpubs can't brew or sell them. Why put our local brewers at a disadvantage?

I know for a fact that many breweries will not distribute in TN, because they don't want to deal with two distributors- one for under 6% and another for over 6%. This denies beer consumers more choices when shopping for beer. It is also confusing to customers. You have to look up the ABV on the internet to figure out which store to purchase a beer. I find it annoying that I have to walk through two different stores before I decide on my beer purchase. To make this even more confusing and unfair, a bar or restaurant can serve all beer and wine under one roof.

Let's be honest. Most liquor stores do not even bother with beer. The few that do make all their money from wine and liquor, and beer is merely afterthought. What would be the problem with allowing ALL beer to be sold at any retailer licensed to sell beer? I guess it makes too much common sense, and politicians rarely have any. For example, just look at this display of idiocy from Alvin Holmes in Alabama.

Hey TN! Get off yer arses. Georgia and North Carolina have changed their beer laws. It's time for us to do the same.