Waz Goin On?

I'll try to make this quick and as unprofessional as possible.....

Blackstone Brewery's bottling line is up and running, which means you have access to more locally brewed beer in bottles. Look for them any day now. Congrats to Blackstone for the successful expansion. I have been a fan and patron for years. You guys rock!

Music City Brewers Festival is this Saturday, but you can also partake in some pre-festival celebration fun. On Friday July 29th, you can try the Schlafly Dry-hopped APA on cask at WOW Cafe at 4pm (Mt Juliet). This is a great beer and the east side does not get much craft beer love- so jump on that opportunity. Later on 12 South Tap Room will have a Cask Beer Extravaganza starting at 6pm. Get there early.

I have been getting a few questions about the Nashville Beer Festival at Riverfront Park on Oct. 1st. Yes, tickets are on sale and you can purchase them at their website. As far as breweries, I have no idea who is officially participating, but I am told that it will be posted soon.

For those going to the Music City Brewers Festival....stay cool. I am skipping it this year, as I'll be heading back to Illinois for a few weeks. And yes, I will be beer hunting and tasting lots of craft beer.



Like Sours? Check This Out

Nashville's own Brandon Jones has started a blog dedicated to sour beers. He is an expert homebrewer, beer collector, and aficionado- so the blog is guaranteed to be informative and insightful. See link below

Embrace The Funk

July - New Brews & Other News Part Two

It's official. Calf Killer will take over six taps at 12 South Tap Room on July 22. Even better, you have a chance to meet the brewers. I am checking on the exact time, but assume it will be sometime in the early evening. These guys brew some nice beers, so try to check them out and welcome them to Nashville. Thank the dudes over at Bounty Bev for bringing them to town.

I hear that there are still day session tickets available for the Music City Brewer's Festival. Visit their web site to purchase tickets. I don't plan on going this year, but you never know.

On the low gravity side, look for the IPA and Red Ale from Marble Brewing out of Albuquerque, NM. I am hearing good things. I just picked up a six of the IPA for $8.99 at Midtown and will find out for myself. Midtown was also filling growlers of the limited Sierra Nevada Bonaroo Ale, which is supposed to be an American twist on a Farmhouse Ale.

One the high gravity side, Sierra Nevada Ovila Saison has just arrived. I was extremely happy to see that Boon Oude Gueze Traditional Lambic Ale on the shelves. This is tasty blended lambic aged in oak vats for two years.  Right next to it was Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait Old Style Cherry Lambic. This beer is great now, and will also cellar very nicely. I expect the hardcore beer geeks to snatch these up quickly, so don't wait too long. Don't forget that there are still some old stock bottles of Lindeman's Cuvee Rene floating around, which is a very nice Gueze. Nashville has lacked selection in the Lambic department, so it's nice to see some progress.

I am sure I forgot something, but that's all I can think of for now. Cheers!


July - New Brews & Other News

Do you like Saisons? I sure do. Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace has hit the shelves and this one is a must. The Japanese Sorachi Ace hop adds some very nice lemon grass characteristics and blends perfectly with the farmhouse style yeast strain. Look for it at your favorite Liquor store with a good high gravity selection.

 Remember how the East Nashville Beer Festival kicked ass? Organizer Matt Leff is at it again with the City House and Brooklyn Brewery Craft Beer Dinner. Click here for more information. Also, if you don't get an answer, keep calling. You darn well know if Matt is involved, it won't suck. Space is limited. UPDATE: Sold Out

Sparta TN brewers Calf Killer are coming to Nashville! For those that missed them at East Nashville Beer Festival, these guys really know how to brew. According to Josh at Bounty Bev, expect a killer release party at 12 South Taproom very soon.

Stoudt's high gravity beers are fresh off the truck.  Look for the IPA, Fat Dog Imperial Stout, and Triple.

That's it for now. Heading out to get some Sorachi Ace!