New High Gravity Offerings from Dogfish Head and Boulevard

After dropping off one of my amplifiers to get modded, I stopped by Grand Cru Wine and Spirits. I grabbed two new additions to the Boulevard Smokestack Series, the Bourbon Barrel Quad (limited release) and the Harvest Dancer (wheat wine). Both are sold in corked 750ml bottles at $10.99. The Harvest Dancer was tasty, very Belgian in character. I have not opened the Quad yet, as that sucker comes in at nearly 12%

Dogfish Head has added some new beers to the Nashville market. Olde School Barleywine is available in 4 paks for $15.99. This is not your average barleywine, this comes in at 15%! It's a good thing these are not in bombers. The second addition is Fort, which is a raspberry fruit beer. Bring your wallet, as these 750ml bottles are running $18.99.

For fans of the awesome Rochfort 10, Midtown has it back on the shelves after a much too long hiatus.



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