New Brew Alert! Caldera Brewing Company

I get so excited when a new brewery enters the Nashville market. I would like to welcome Oregon-based Caldera Brewing Company. They will be offering the IPA, Amber Ale, and Pale Ale. These will be available in cans, which is even better. I prefer cans over bottles because there is less oxidation and no exposure to light. Oh yeah- and I don't have to empty the trash in my office as often. If they are not already on the shelves, they should be any day. Let's show the newcomer that we support craft beer. Please post any sightings in the comments section so I can do a review.




Charles P. said...

Do you know what store will be carrying Caldera?

smitty said...

Apparently this is being distributed by a one man operation, so it will be a slow trickle into stores. At 6.1%, it should be beer stores.

Tyler B. said...

Got it today at Frugal McDoogal on 8th, on the beer side. Picked up the IPA and Pale Ale, but they also had the Amber. IPA is pretty tasty so far.