An Update From The Better Beer Guys....

Hey There,

Happy April everyone! We got some cool things transpiring next week as we prepare for the E. Nashville Beer Fest so I figured I should fill you in on some BountyBev/BonusBev stuff. Cool? Ok good, glad we are on the same page.

Next week we we have a couple of shipments hitting our dock, we have Reading Premium coming in which is a good retro/value brand resurrected by Ruckus Brewing as well as Ruckus's Hoptimus Prime DIPA! I am not sure I am going to be able to shoot it out to the market next week as we are still awaiting Label approval from the state but if it goes through we might get some bombers out on premise by end of the week. Also, Christian Moerlein ales and lagers will be touching down as well with there IPA and OTR beers. Moerlein makes some quality beer and I think you will really enjoy there OTR ale. Last on the new arrivals will be another Lucky Bucket shipment with the much anticipated Certified Evil on board! This will not go out immediately as we are still getting some paper work filled out from the Brewery but you will be able to try it at the East Nashville Beer Fest and meet Zach Tremert, the man behind Lucky Bucket Brewing co! Our first lines of "High Gravity" beers will be pouring in through out the next month or so with additions from Stoudt's, Sprecher and Caldera so I will keep you guys posted on that, where, when etc... I will post links below to some of the stuff mentioned above so you can chicky-check some of this stuff out.

I am so excited for next Saturday and the East Nashville Beer Fest it's insane! I can't wait to see everyone there and share some better beers and chat it up. We (BountyBev) will have new versions of our Better Beer Brigade T-Shirts for sale and Tattoos as well so be sure to check that out when you see Kurt, Eric or I around the festival. Be sure to find Matt Leff, the creator of this awesome event and thank him for the hard work and time he put in to make it happen. Until next time, have a craft beer and chill!

All Hail Craft!
Joshua Scutella
Director & Better Beer Guy
BountyBev & BonusBev

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