Random Beer News

This will be short. I still have to pay Uncle Sam and work has been hectic this week. First, the bad news. I am reading reports that Avery Brewing will cease all shipments to TN. I had a feeling this was coming, based on increased demand and my conversations with an Avery rep at the Great American Beer Festival. I buy many of their beers on a regular basis, so I will hate to see them go. However, our state distribution laws and taxes do not make it easy for craft brewers. I apologize if this offends a few of my retail friends, but craft beer needs to be sold under ONE ROOF WITH ONE DISTRIBUTOR. Our current system hurts the consumer.

New shipments of Jolly Pumpkin have arrived on the high gravity side. Look for La Roja and Oro De Calebaza. They are a great artisan, Belgian style brewery- check them out. If you can still find any, New Belgium Le Terroir is an excellent beer for you sour heads. It's so good I went back an bought another.

That's it for now. Check back for my review of the East Nashville Beer Festival and my interview with Zac Tiemert of Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.



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