5/19 Update on Senate Bill 1224

Session begins at 8:30, and the bill is number 38 in line. I'll have the video streaming in the background and will post an update IF they get to it today. It's funny that the summary reads as follows:

"As introduced, decreases from two to one the number of years that an individual, shareholder, or transferee must reside in Tennessee following an application for a retail liquor store license; decreases from 10 to five the number of years that an individual, shareholder or transferee must have resided in Tennessee to receive a retail liquor store license. "

No mention of "high alcohol beer." Think they are trying to downplay that part of the bill? Hmmm

back to work,


10:25 UPDATE: Recess until 4pm. They could try to lump this in with a bunch of other bills and pass this today. If it needs to go up for debate, then we are looking at tomorrow or Saturday.

1:48 UPDATE: TN is getting national attention over SB1224. Check out the link below to the Forbes article

4:23 UPDATE: Senate to reconvene at 6pm instead of 4pm.

9:39 pm UPDATE: The Senate has adjourned for the night. They start back up in the morning. Nothing to report tonight. Darn!

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Kris Stewart said...

Hey, anything to make it pass is a-okay with me.