5-20 Update on Senate Bill 1224

The Senate reconvenes at 1:30 pm, and the chances of them voting on the bill this afternoon look good. Check back for updates


UPDATE: The bill has passed the Senate! Right now it's unclear on whether it has to go back to the house or conference. All these procedures and rules make my head hurt. But I think it's safe to state that TN brewers WILL be able to brew high gravity beer in the near future. We also need to hope and pray that Sierra Nevada chooses TN for their new brewing facility/restuarant.

Now I can get back to enjoying what is left of American Craft Beer Week and perhaps catch on my normal blog posts. Many thanks to all of you readers and facebook members that called and emailed your Senators. I have no doubt in my mind that Amendment 2 would have been snuck through had we not alerted the lawmakers. Social media played a HUGE role because it allowed all of us local craft beer enthusiasts to mobilize on such short notice.

Have a beer!


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WillTN71 said...

It passed the Senate 28-3. Cheers!