February New Brews And Other News

I know,  it's not quite February but who really cares? Let's start off with the East Nashville Beer Festival. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Raise your glasses to organizer Matt Leff, who pretty much single handedly put this entire thing together- permits and all. Knowing Matt, there will be plenty of quality craft beers being poured. Tickets are very limited, so don't wait! Go to their web site for more info.

Local craft beer distributor Bounty Bev continues to bring lots of new craft beer. Here is an excerpt from their posting on Beer Advocate:

"New seasonals are going to start rolling in the next two weeks including Sprecher Maibock and Dry Irish Stout (which is now year round), Stoudt's Carnival Kolsch is going to be hitting shelves late this week and next week. Look for the Sprecher Maibock in the generic seasonal 4 pack and Dry Irish should have its own 4 pack. In two weeks we will be launching Lucky Bucket Brewing company with their two year rounds, Pre Prohabition Lager and IPA. The IPA may be the best IPA we have launched since Caldera. When I poured the sample in my glass there was a piece of a hop leaf in the glass! The IPA is going to retail for $10.99 and the Lager for $9.99, we are unsure if we are going to have any draft as of yet"

Do any of you have an Iphone or Ipad? If so, check out Brew Vault. This community based app was developed right here in Nashville! I have not had a lot of time to mess with it, but so far I am impressed. It will come in very handy when I need to take tasting notes or look up beers when I am traveling. Best of all, I only paid 99 cents. I'll try to post a review later. Grab it before the price goes up.

That's it for now. Cheers!

"If it's not craft, it's crap"

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