High Gravity Arrivals Just In Time For The New Year's Eve

I apologize for being late in reporting this. Tennessee only received nine cases of Brooklyn Black Ops, and Nashville got five of them. I stopped by Midtown Wine and Spirits today and they still had a few left. You have to ask for it, or they may reserve one if you call (I wouldn't wait too much longer).  Red Dog out in Franklin is sold out, and Moon Wine & Spirits did not get an allotment from the distributor (which is silly, but I guess that's normal with these limited releases ). This is an Imperial Stout that is aged in Bourbon barrels, with Champagne yeast added later for carbonation. The result is a great Imperial Stout with some nice complex barrel traits, and a softer body and dry texture. The price is steep at $21.99 per bottle, but if you split it between 3 or 4 people, it's definitely worth it. Enjoy it as an after dinner sipper or pair with a dessert, like chocolate cake or vanilla bean ice cream.

For Terrapin fans, this year's batch of  Wake N Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout is here in 4 paks. I enjoy this beer fresh, but it will age for 1-2 years. They have also released the Side Project 13 Big Daddy Vlady's Imperial Stout, available in bombers for under 8 dollars. I will be trying this one tomorrow night at tasting, so check back under "comments" and I will give you my thoughts.

Harpoon is making an appearance on the high gravity side with Leviathan. The brewer classifies this as a Imperial IPA, but at 10% and a maltier backbone, I like to think of this as an American Strong Ale. Either way, it's worth checking out. Expect to pay around $12 per 4 pak.

That's it for now, until next year.

"If it's not craft, it's crap"

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Smitty said...

Big Vladdy's was not bad. Dry and roasty, sort of like an Irish Dry Stout on steroids. Somewhat sessionable for an Imperial Stout- Smitty