More November Arrivals

The goods just keep a coming! I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Grand Cru, which is a dry hopped blend of Oak-Aged Bigfoot, Celebration, and Pale Ale. I decided to pick up two bottles and popped one open almost immediatly. I have to admit that this beer is a little young, and perhaps a disappointment. I found the finish to overly boozy and peppery. I am going to let the second bottle sit for six months in hopes of the flavors melding. Don't let my opinion prevent you from trying this beer. It's a one time release and several of my respected beer aficionados really like it.

The holiday beers are showing up as well. Noel de Calebaza is an oak-aged Belgian Strong Ale from the Dexter, MI brewer Jolly Pumpkin. At around $17 per 750ml, this may seem a little pricey, but they are a great small artisan brewery. These types of beers take more time and care to produce. Another arrival is the Shelton Brothers import Nøgne Ø Winter Ale, a very nice dark ale worth trying.

I appreciate your continued support of craft beer. Cheers!

"If it's not craft, it's crap"

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