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I am the type of guy that likes to keep politics to myself, and I rarely take an activist mindset. For those who have not read this story, Hansen Beverage Company is using their huge corporate coffers to bully Vermont-based Rock Art Brewery. Rock Art makes a beer called "Vermonster" and Hansen is the maker of the Monster energy drinks. Here are some excerpts from a Hansen Beverage Company letter sent to some fellow beer bloggers:

Please note that Hansen Beverage Company presently has not filed a lawsuit against Rock Art Brewery, LLC.

Hansen had sent a "cease and desist" letter to Rock Art Brewery on September 4, 2009, after learning that Rock Art had filed an application to register a federal trademark throughout the United States in connection with "Vermonster" in July 2009.

In order to protect Hansen’s valuable Monster Energy(R) trademarks,Hansen is legally obliged to, and routinely sends, cease and desist letters to any entity and person who use or attempt to register similar trademarks for products that are similar or related to Monster(R) products.

Please see the attached response from Hansen Beverage Company about the cease and desist letter sent to Vermonster.


Consumer Relations
Hansen Beverage Company

This is nothing more than needless corporate bullying. Do they honestly think that a 10% Barley Wine is "similar or related to" a n0n- alcoholic energy drink? Did they send a cease and desist letter to Ben and Jerry's for their Vermonster ice cream sundae? How about Brooklyn Brewery for their Monster Ale? Not that I am aware of. That is probably because those companies have the funds to fight bogus trademark infringement claims.

Hansen Beverage Company chose Rock Art Brewery because they know they are too small to fight back. Please watch this video from Rock Art brewer Matt Nadeau explaining the ordeal from their end. They want him to cease and desist selling a 10th annivesary beer that he has already bottled!

It's maddening that Hansen Berverage Company would threaten the livlihood of Matt and his employees over a product that HAS NO SIMILARITY to their product. Hansen knows they can't win in court, but they also know that Rock Art does not have the funds to fight them.

I am praying that a ground swell of negative publicity will force Hansen to back off and leave Rock Art alone. Spread the word. Tell your local beer store to stop carrying Monster and to tell their reps why. If your kids drink that Monster crap, make them switch to another brand. Do whatever you can to send a message that needless corporate bullying of a small business will not be tolerated.



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Smitty said...

Rock Art and Hansen have come to an agreement, and the Vermonster stays. The internet campaign and public outcry worked!