My Sob Story- Can Anyone Help Me Out?

Sorry for my hiatus. I am been working many hours trying to build up my new business. I logged into Facebook this morning and found out some devastating news. I no longer have tickets to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. It's a long story, but my friend and I were told that we were set. The problem now is that all sessions are sold out. I have been planning this trip for over a year, and my travel arrangements are made.

If any of you beer aficionados know ANYONE who has extras, I will pay face value and any service charges. I am looking for two tickets, preferably to the Saturday afternoon session. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

Would this help at all? Maybe not, but worth a shot

William said...

I'm not going so don't have any, but if you are a member of the AHA, it might be worth posting on the Tech Talk to see if anyone has tickets. I've seen some searching and some selling on that site.

Smitty said...

Thanks guys. Someone from answered my call with two tickets for Saturday night. I am all set. I just hope there is beer left.