Help Me With My Nashville Beer Map

I am not sure if any of you have looked at my downtown beer map, but I am getting ready to expand it to include the surrounding areas. My goal it to have a comprehensive beer map that caters to beer aficionados. I can't visit every single place, so I am looking for some suggestions. Here are the two maps and the criteria:

Metro Nashville Beer Map- All beer retailers and bars that carry and promote craft beer. A sports bar with Blue Moon and a token micro does not count. Neither does an Irish bar that serves Guinness. For a bar to qualify, they must have multiple craft beer offerings and cater to craft beer drinkers. I know that I may be leaving off fun bars with good patrons, but I want to focus on the beer selection. The same criteria goes for the retailers. So far I plan to add Red Dog, Woody's Smokes and Brews, Boscos Cool Springs, Cool Springs Wine and Spirits, Stones River (M'boro), 3 Crow Bar, Graces Plaza Liquors, Whole Foods Green Hills, 12 South Taproom, and Old World.

Metro Nashville Craft Beer & Dining Map- Do you want to go out for a nice sit down meal and drink a good beer with it? I want to promote the local restaurants that have multiple craft beer offerings on the drink menu. So far I have Margot Cafe, Cabana, PM, Ombi, Flyte, Boundry, and Radius 10.

Please email me your suggestions with an address, phone number, web address, and a brief description (including an approximate number of craft offerings). Hopefully we can assemble the best comprehensive beer map for locals and visitors.



Blanketnazi said...

What about 12South Tap Room

Blanketnazi said...

oh, nevermind. i need some coffee to help my reading comprehension skills this afternoon - lol!