12th South Tap Room and Grill

This place has been open since June 2006, and I am kicking myself for not checking this place out earlier. Nashville can never have too many beer bars, especially ones that serve good food. 12 South Tap Room and Grill is located in the redeveloped area of Berry Hill, next to Mafioza's. There is parking right in front and plenty of extra side street parking. They feature live music nightly, which ranges from experimental jazz to country to folk. You can check their web site for artists and events.

My best friend Viktor Krauss was playing two sets there, so I figured it was the perfect time to check out this place. The interior has a hip semi-artsy, coffeehouse-like vibe.The crowd is a nice mix of musicians, neighborhood residents, and students. I went right to the beer list and quickly ordered my favorite Yazoo beer, the Sly Rye Porter which happened to be on special. I sat and enjoyed two great sets of music while visiting with friends. I did not eat, but the menu is sort of world and south American fusion. Friends tell me the food is very good, but not to eat there if you are in hurry.

This is a beer blog, so what did I think about the beer selection? Not bad at all, especially considering the size of the place. 20 taps were more than adequate, and there was nice representation from local and regional brewers. They have about 75 bottles, range from macro pale lagers (crap, but some people like it), micro domestics, and European imports. If I had one criticism for the beer list, it's that Belgian style beers are very poorly represented.

Local brewing blogger Troy also pointed out that it's non-smoking and that music starts at 9pm nightly. I dig this place and I plan to add this to my picks of Nashville beer destinations. I love the Flying Saucer, but I think 12th South Tap Room and Grill will compete for my business when I feel like kicking back, hearing good music, and getting away from the crowds. Check it out!

Address: 2318 12th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 463-7552
Website: http://www.12southtaproom.com/


Troy said...

It is also worth noting that the taproom is non-smoking. It is hard to find a non-smoking establishment with such a good beer selection here in TN (PM is another place that comes to mind).

To me the only downer happens to be the nightly music. Without the music, the 12 South Taproom would be a homerun to me, but, as it is, after 9pm it is difficult to hold a conversation there, which to me is the great pull of a "neighborhood pub".

Anyway... can't win them all and I do like the place.

Smitty said...

All good points, which I should have mentioned and may update on the entry. Thanks Troy. PM is on my list to try, since very few good eating establishments have good craft beer on the menu.