New Brewery Alert! Turtle Anarchy Brewing Co.

Let me tell you right now, middle Tennessee is at start of a brewery growth spurt. Over the next 12-18 months you could see a half dozen new breweries open up (Fat Bottom, Czahns, Mayday, Black Abbey, etc.).

Turtle Anarchy Brewing Company now has space, a brewer, and is installing equipment at their location in Franklin. Mike Kraft from Cool Springs Brewery will be the head brewer. No word on who will be taking over duties at Cool Springs. I am hearing that we could see beer as earlier as April. If you want to follow their progress, check out their blog.

If you have any official information on the other start up breweries, please send me info so I can post.

Support your local brewery and Cheers!



Jeremy Bastoky said...

It is exciting to have all these breweries open in the Middle Tennessee area. What is Czahns? I haven't heard of that one yet.

Brewsuf said...

There's a pretty small brewery opening up a little southeast of Nashville in the Tullahoma area. It'll be called Old Shed Brewing, being opened by some hometown local homebrewers! They're almost finished with licensing as of a week ago!

Anonymous said...

As a regular of Cool Springs Brewery I will certainly help spread the word!
On how you stole the Brewmaster from Chris & Jane after they helped you along with your project for over a year.

Jason said...

That is low!

Anonymous said...

This is Mike Kraft brewmaster at Cool Springs Brewery. I feel like I need to clear the air about this "stealing the brewmaster" thing. First off, Chris and Jane have treated me so very well and I hope they will have continued success after I am gone. Secondly, Mark had absolutely nothing to do with "stealing" me for the position at his new brewery. It just so happened that this opportunity came available and I would have been a fool not to jump on it. I make beer for a living and I want my beer to be available not just in one place, but throughout the entire state and eventually the southeast. So it was a decision I made on my own to better my professional career that I have chosen to leave Cool Springs Brewery. You people need to understand that this is how I make my living and if a fantastic opportunity like this comes along I would be stupid not to jump on it. Nothing personal against Cool Springs Brewery, and don't blame Mark Kamp for "stealing" me it was 100% my decision and I look forward to making Turtle Anarchy Brewing Company a huge success

Smitty said...

Mike - There is no need to defend yourself. We all know that brewing is business, and it's very hard to make a living. As within any other area of business, people move on and take advantage of opportunities to further their career and income. You did what was best for you and your career. And I am sure Chris and Jane will find another brewer to follow in your footsteps.Good luck with your new gig.