Beer Review- Victory Headwaters Pale Ale

I have always been a fan of Victory Brewing Company, so I was pretty excited to see them introduce a new beer to the Nashville market. Before they had broad distribution, I used to make "special trips" to visit a vendor that was near the Downingtown, PA brewery (I miss that job). Since the hot weather is approaching, this will be a good time to review another session beer

Victory Headwaters Pale Ale
Victory Brewing Company- Downingtown PA
ABV: 5.2%

The pure water we receive from the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek that begins its journey to us just under 14 miles from where we brew with it. We’ll be celebrating this water (insert your lite beer joke here) with our anniversary beer, Headwaters Pale Ale, due to be released February 15, 2011. Now, considering that beer is the product of four simple ingredients and the three other than water rely on water for their existence, we’ve had a fair amount of latitude in paying homage to water in our beer. So, we’ve played all of our cards deftly, bringing the hops, malt and yeast in harmony, with our great local water as the conductor in Headwaters Pale Ale.


Sampled at 50 degrees. Pours a nice orange amber with an off white head. Medium bodied with a steady carbonation. This has a mild, pleasant aroma of orange peel and ale esters. Lighter side of medium bodied with steady carbonation, with a texture that is thin without being watery. The malt profile is a subtle blend of toffee and caramel, with a hint of toastiness. This is countered by a tangerine-like hop bitterness, with the attentuation not overly dry or sweet. Semi-dry hoppy finish with notes of lemon grass.

There are a lot of mediocre Pale Ales out there, but this one is a well-crafted standout and fine example of the style. Beer enthusiasts who desire bolder flavors and lots of bitterness will probably find this beer boring. But those who appreciate a balanced session beer should give this one a try.

Rating*: 9 out of 10
Recommended Food Pairing: Wings, Spicy cuisine (Thai, Mexican, Cajun)
Value: Average at around $9.99 per six pack
Beer Audience: Anyone who appreciates a well-crafted session beer
Where To Buy: low gravity specialty beer stores
Other low gravityVictory beers to try:  Prima Pils
* rating system based on aroma (1 pt), appearance (1pt), palate (2 pts) flavor (3pts), comparison to other commercial examples of the style (3pts)

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