April Can Not Get Here Soon Enough!

For starters, the East Nashville Beer Festival is less than a month away. If you have not purchased your tickets, I would suggest you stop reading and take care of it. This event is likely to sell out. Unlike previous local festivals, this one is going to focus on quality, and will offer more out of market beers and limited releases. I am excited about it.

Bounty Bev will be bringing in a few high gravity beers that have me jumping up and down. The first is Lucky Bucket Certified Evil. This is a collaborative Belgian Strong Ale aged in Cabernet barrels for one year. Sounds pretty effing good doesn't it? A secret informant tells me that it might be at the East Nashville Beer Festival as well. If the brewer is going to be there, why wouldn't the beer? Now go buy your tickets. The other beer is Ruckus Brewing Hoptimus Prime. Sound familiar? Yes, it's the same beer as Reading Pennsylvania's Legacy Brewing Hoptimus Prime. This is being contract brewed at Lion in Wilkes Barre, PA by the old Legacy brewmaster. Same recipe I am told. Look for 22 ounce bottles of this Double IPA to run about $6.99!

Speaking of Lucky Bucket, more IPA and Pre Prohibition Lager have hit the beer stores again. Pick up a six of each. You will not be disappointed.

Soon we will finally get to try beers from Jackalope Brewery! When? Where? That's right! East Nashville Beer Festival. April 9th. Get your tickets now!

Do you want to check out another cool Nashville based beer blog? Check out Craig Mangum's Beer Law Blog. Craig knows his beer because he shows up to the same places I do. His latest entry is about...East Nashville Beer Festival. Get your tickets now!

Did I mention the East Nashville Beer Festival? I swear Matt is not paying me. Yes, I bought my ticket at Midtown's beer store. This is a charity event after all. I just like to promote craft beer in Nashville, even if that means bugging the shit out of you. Until next time,  I am off to Florida to enjoy some warm weather, and perhaps some beer from Cigar City.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping spread the word about Lucky Bucket Beers! Our website is a little behind. Certified Evil has morphed into more of an Imperial Porter. It really doesn't fit neatly into any style category, but if pushed into a corner, Imperial Porter is the closest. Please enjoy! See y'all at the East Nashville Beerfest in a few weeks. Cheers, Zac Triemert - President & Brewer, Lucky Bucket Brewing Company.