Quickie Beer News

Tired. Long week

Main Street Brewfest in Franklin on March 12. Click here for more info

Bounty Bev got their high gravity license! That means more high gravity love coming to the music city. The first to make an appearance is Sprecher Kreik at J Barleycorn. Speaking of Bounty Bev, they brought in Lucky Bucket IPA to the low gravity stores. If you can still find it, it's very nice if you like bitter, citrusy IPA's. I think I will have one tonight with pizza.

Yazoo will have their Black Saison on tap this weekend until it runs out. 

As if you do not need another reason to go to the East Nashville Beer Festival, they are giving away Great American Beer Festival passes to ALL SESSIONS as a door prize. What do you have to do? Bring a new or lightly used children's book. If any of you win them and can't go, you can help out a poor beer blogger by donating them to me!

If anyone is on Facebook, I am getting near 100 members in the group in case you have not joined. Wink wink.

There's the doorbell. Pizza is here!


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