Grab Your Wallet- Lots Of New Arrivals!

If you are heading to the Flying Saucer Beer Festival on Saturday, you may want to stop by Midtown Wine & Spirits (or your favorite high gravity beer-friendly liquor store). There are lots of new beers worthy of your frog skins.

For starters, Victory Moonglow Weizenbock is highly recommended. If you are a fan of the classic Schneider Aventinus, I think this is almost as good. As a fan of Harvest Ales, Terrapin So Fresh & So Green is a new one I look forward to trying.

Do you like chocolate, stouts, and a little heft in your beer? Rogue Double Chocolate Stout has just arrived. Speaking of dark beers, Atlanta Brewing Company is also on the high gravity side with their Red Brick Porter- available in 4 paks.

Now to the low gravity side of things. The good people at Bounty Bev should be stocking beers from Buckbean any day now. Look for Black Nody Lager, Tule Duck Red, and Orange Blossom Ale- in cans. Fellow Nashville beer blogger The Beer Snob has reviewed a few of these, so go over there and check out his blog. Negotiations have finally ended with Milwaukee-based Sprecher. Expect to see these beers in November.

Now it's time to finish my Goose Island IPA (sorry, not in Nashville...yet) and rest up for the Flying Saucer Beer Festival tomorrow. See you there! I'll have my "If it's not craft, it's crap" Tshirt on. Cheers


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