More goodies showing up!

Just in to Midtown Wine and Spirits is New Belgium Belgian Blond and Eric's Ale, from their Lips of Faith Series. Also available is the one time release of Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary  Fritz and Ken's Ale, a collaborative Imperial Stout. I highly recommend you grab this one before it's gone forever. Oscar Blues Gubna was also on the shelves at $16.99 per 4pak. A bit pricey, but it is a very well crafted Double IPA (drink it as fresh as possible before the hops fade).

A new brewery hitting the Nashville shelves is Atwater Brewing out of Detroit, Michigan. On the beer store side, look for the Dirty Blond and Vanilla Java Porter. On the liquor store side, you can find the Voodoo Vator and Cherry Stout. Speaking of Michigan, will any of you distributors PLEASE try to get Bells or Founders to Nashville?

One more new sighting for me is Depot Street out of Jonesborough, TN. I have sampled their beers many times at the Music City Brewers Festival, but this is the first time I have seen bottles on the shelves. Look for the Loose Caboose Lager and a few other offerings. Always support your local and regional breweries!

The new Yazoo Tap Room is open and boy is it nice! Congrats to Linus and crew for expanding in such a tough business. There are plenty of taps so that you don't have to wait in line behind people filling growlers. They also have lots of seating, including an outdoor patio soon to be covered with hop vines.  It's at 910 Division St. near the gulch.



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Matt said...

really we need both bells and founders!