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Damn! Beer keep coming in faster than my wallet can generate cash. Although Left Hand Brewing Fade To Black is not new, the last delivery only dropped a few cases over the entire market. For those who missed it, now is your chance to try it and about $4 cheaper per six. Fade To Black is very nice Foreign Stout, which is more robust than dry or standard stouts.

IPA fans may want to check out 400 Pound Monkey, also from Left Hand Brewing. I will be honest. I tried this on draft last fall in Champaign, IL and was not that impressed. Left Hand's commercial description does state that "this beer is not for everybody." I guess I was one of those people. If you are into dry and overattuenatted IPAs, this may be up your alley.

Sierra Nevada Glissade Golden Bock is a new arrival that I am anxious to try. This is a Heller Bock that comes in at 6.4%. Speaking of Sierra Nevada, Bigfoot should be here any day! I buy this every year and put a few back to cellar. There has never been a bad year as long as I have been drinking this classic American Barleywine.

Has anyone spotted Samuel Adam Nobel Pils other than in the sampler pack? This is a tasty new Pilsener and I would like to grab some more.

I know I owe you all a few reviews. I am working on it. I promise!



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Erik said...

Been looking forward to Glisdale. I'll let you know if I see Nobel Pils anywhere. Do you think we'll see the Sam Adams GABF Long Shot winner six packs here?

Was recently in Atlanta and had a chance to try Ranger IPA(great). Been hoping to see it here in the Nashville area, but New Belgium won't release it here yet for some reason. Also tried the Caldera IPA on your recommendation. Thanks!