New Brews And Other News- July

I am still busy with the job hunting, so I am going to try and cram a bunch of info into this post. For starters, Yazoo Hop Project #16 is on the shelves and on draft, with #17 due out this weekend. You can identify #16 buy looking at the bottling date on the label, which should be notched for the fourth week of June. Speaking of Yazoo, they are current working on construction of a new and larger facility down in the gulch. Congratulations to Linus and crew! They will also be unveiling their first high gravity beer at the Music City Brewers Festival. It will be a smoked porter using cherry-smoked malt.

The Music City Brewers Festival
will be held on July 25th, with two sessions. The second session is sold out, so get your first session tickets before those are gone. It appears that the organizers have worked out the major kinks from previous years. One of my fellow beer aficionados told me that I had "grumpy old fart syndrome" and that I needed to give it another shot. So after a long hiatus from the event, I AM GOING! I will be attending the first session, so shoot me an email if you want to meet up.

Franklin is getting a new brewpub! The Nashville area beer scene continues to grow. Hell yeah! Guido's New York Pizza is going to open a microbrewery. I do not have any information on when they expect to be operational. Heresay is that the brewer came from Two Rows. If so, then you can expect some quality brews because I have sampled their beers on two occasions.

Stone 13th Anniversary is in Knoxville, which makes me wonder why we don't have it yet. The truck would need to pass by Nashville. The folks at Mid Town Wine and Spirits assure me that they are supposed to get it and will call me when they do. It is an American Strong Ale that is getting great feedback from the online beer community.

For those living on the east side of town, I found a bottle shop with a great selection. Hermitage Discount Tobacco and Beer is located at 3682 Bell Road, near the Stewarts Ferry Pike exit off of I-40. From the outside, it looks like a typical beer and cigarette store that you see all over town. Don't expect much ambiance or beer knowledge from the staff, but you won't be disappointed with the choices. Domestic beers included Stone, Yazoo, Dogfish Head, Terrapin, Schlafly, Avery, Victory, Boulder, New Belgium, Boulevard, Starr Hill, etc. They also had a nice selection of European imports, including the Paulaner line. Needless to say that I am pleased that I no longer have to drive from Hermitage to downtown to purchase good beer. Now if only an east side liquor store would carry a nice selection of high gravity beers, I will be a happy beer geek.

That's it for now. Cheers!


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