February Beer of the Month- Yazoo Hop Project #10

Yeah I know......it's March and I am late again. Yes folks, I am going local this month. It's no secret that I love hoppy beers and apparently Yazoo brewer Linus Hall does too. He has been brewing a series of IPAs referred to as Hop Project, in which he varies the varieties of hops for each batch. Hop Project #10 is available at the brewery and select beer bars (#11 is also out). Yazoo has also announced that they received ATF label approval and Hop Project will be in bottles very soon! Linus stated that each bottling will be slightly different from each other. You will be able to check the bottling date and reference the web site to see which batch you have. Nashville needs more quality IPAs on draft and in bottles, so there is plenty of room in my "beer fridge."

Yazoo Brewing Company ( Nashville, TN )

This particular incarnation used Cascade and Amarillo in the mash, Columbus for first wort, Galena at the beginning of boil, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade the last five minutes, and Galena, Cascade, and Amarillo for dry hopping.

Smitty's Review:
I sampled this at about 45 degrees from a growler.
Pours orange amber with half finger off white head. The nose is about as good as it gets, fully loaded with floral hop goodness. If you want more hop aroma, you would have to chop up a handful of freshly picked hops and vigorously snort them. Medium bodied with a nice earthy mouthfeel. Flavor of pale malts that provide a backdrop to a tame, but dominating grapefruity hop bitterness. There is an average amount of residual sweetness. The bitter finish is sharp and mildy grassy.

Recommended Food Pairing: White cheeses, Thai or Indian food, Wings, Shellfish, Grilled meats (steak, pork, chicken)

Where To Buy: Yazoo Tap Room right now. Check back at Yazoo's web site for additional places to sample on draft. When released, bottled version will be at most specialty beer stores.

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