Oskar Blues coming to Nashville

I just received confirmation that Oskar Blues (Lyons, CO) has signed a deal for Nashville distribution with Lipman Brothers. For those of you unfamiliar with this brewery, they were the pioneers of putting US craft beer into cans. Don't let those silly cans fool you, because they brew some excellent craft beer. By the way, cans are far better for craft beer than bottles. Canned beer can not be lightstruck, has lower dissolved oxygen levels, and can be cooled down faster. Today's technology has a special water based liner that prevents any contact with the aluminum- so no metallic taste. Let's not forget the portability and recycling advantages. No glass in pool area? No problem when you are drinking Oskar Blues.

I have not received confirmation on which beers are coming and when they will hit the shelves. I would guess that we will see Gordon (a double IPA- hell yeah!) , Ten Fidy (imperial stout), Old Chub (Scotch Ale), and Dale's Pale Ale. Due to the ABV of these beers, you will have to purchase them from a liquor store. You high gravity beer drinkers are in for a real treat. If any of you know of any beer bars or restaurants licensed for high gravity beers, shoot me an email and I will notify Wayne Anderson at Oskar Blues. Let's show them that Nashville loves good craft beer, and that canned beer IS NOT synonymous with cheap macro swill.

email: centralgritlap@att.net


Nathan said...

Hell yeah, Old Chub here I come!

Jacob said...

I love Oskar Blues and keep Dales Pale at home and Ten Fidy is a great beer. I'm baffled by the anti can spew I hear sometimes, though. I've done blind tastings before and novone could ID the canned beer even though they knew one was there.