What's New In Nashville Bottle Shops- Spring 2008

I travel quite often for my consulting job. The up side is that I get to visit many brewpubs and bottle shops, plus I bring home many great beers not available to Nashville. The down side is that I am away from my family. Local retail beer selection is important to me because I can sample new beers in the comfort of my own home. 2008 has brought some exciting new brands to the Music City and I will post reviews of the ones I try.

Kasteel Rouge (Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck, Ingelmunster, Belgium)
Description: Belgian Ale with cherries and cherry juice added. ABV 8%
Smitty's Review: Pours deep reddish brown with a pale pink head. Strong and pleasant aroma of cherries. The malt provides a full bodied and slightly sticky texture, as the cherries dominate the palate. There is a large amount of residual sweetness and a minimal amount of acidity on the finish, with alcohol well hidden. Since this is not tart like a true Belgian Kriek, this would be an ideal crossover beer for people wanting to venture into Belgian Lambics
Recommended Food Pairing: Works as a stand alone dessert beer, or paired with similar fruit flavored desserts like pie, pudding, ice cream, or cheesecake.
Where To Buy: Midtown Wine and Spirits (Liquor store side), Frugal McDugal, Flying Saucer

Kasteel Trippel Blonde (Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck, Ingelmunster, Belgium)
Description: Abbey Trippel. ABV 11%
Recommended Food Pairing: After dinner sipper or with sweet soft white cheeses
Where To Buy: Midtown Wine and Spirits (Wine Side), Frugal McDugal, Flying Saucer

Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Blauw/Blue
(Brouwerij Het Anker, Mechelen , Belgium)
Description: Belgian Strong Ale. ABV 11%. "Every year on the 24th of February, the birthday of "Charles the fifth", the Brewery brews the Gouden Carolus "Cuvee of the Emperor" in a limited quantity and with an eye on the highest quality and tradition. This unique brewing, with only extra fine Belgian hops and with a higher alcohol level, guarantees a better evolution in the time, than the already known Gouden Carolus. This beer, as all our beers, is 100 % natural, with no preservatives, no adjuncts and no chemicals. We bottle it in bottles of 75 cl and closed with a quality cork. Excellent to store several years. Every year the public is invited to assist to the brewing process. "
Smitty's Review- Coming Soon!
Recommended Food Pairing: Sweet soft white cheeses, Pork, Steak
Where To Buy: Midtown Wine and Spirits (Liquor store side), Frugal McDugal

Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
(St. Louis Brewery, St. Louis , MO)
Description: Imperial Stout. ABV 10.5%. "Around the time of the Louisiana purchase, beer was shipped in barrels. if one had been lucky enough to receive a used Bourbon barrel of Imperial Stout, this is what his/her happy taste buds would have encountered: roasty, rich, malty imperial stout with a strong dose of caramel, oak, and Bourbon character. "
Recommended Food Pairing: Smoked Meats, chocolate mousse, pudding and cake.
Other good offerings from Schlafly: From the liquor store side- Pumpkin Ale (seasonal), Irish Style Extra Stout, and Oak Aged Barleywine. From the beer store side- Kaldis Coffee Stout and Dry Hopped APA
Where To Buy: Midtown Wine and Spirits (Liquor store side)

Avery Mephistopheles Stout (Avery Brewing Company, Boulder , CO)
Description: Imperial Stout. ABV 16%. "Mephistopheles is the crafty shape shifter, the second fallen angel. Amazingly complex, coal black, velvety and liqueurish, this demon has a bouquet of vine-ripened grapes, anise and chocolate covered cherries with flavors of rum-soaked caramelized dark fruits and a double espresso finish. Mephistopheles is the final installment of "The Demons of Ale" series.
Smitty's Review (Batch 1)
:Pours a viscous oil brown-black with a thin chocolate brown head. Nice complex aroma of molasses, soy sauce, sherry, and vanilla. Rich, oily and full bodied mouthfeel. Flavor has notes of dark syrup, licorice, raisens, plums, and blackstrap molasses. Grainy texture on the finish which has a pleasant alcohol bite along with some smoke and brown sugar, with some molasses lingering on the palate. Minimal hop bitterness detected on my sample. At 16% ABV, this is not a beer for the inexperienced beer drinker.
Recommended Food Pairing: After dinner sipper, smoked Meats, chocolate mousse, pudding and cake.
Other good offerings from Avery: From the liquor store side- Hog Heaven, Collaboration not Litigation. From the beer store side- IPA and White Rascal
Where To Buy: Midtown Wine and Spirits and Frugal McDugal (Liquor store side)

Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12, 16, and 30 Year Old (Harviestoun, Alva, Central, Scotland)
Description: Old Ale. ABV 8%. "Ola Dubh (or ‘Black Oil’) is a collaboration between Harviestoun Brewery and Highland Park, Distiller of the Year*. It is based on Harviestoun’s award-winning Old Engine Oil. With more than a stylistic nod to the classic Imperial Porters (and Stouts) of the nineteenth century, this deliciously rich, dark, 8% a.b.v. beer is the first ale to be aged in malt whisky casks from a named distillery and, with traceable casks and numbered bottles, the rest with genuine provenance. Ola Dubh will initially be available in three different expressions; the initial release will be of small batches aged in casks formerly used to mature Highland Park 12 Year Old, Highland Park 16 Year Old and Highland Park 30 Year Old. Further variants are planned for the future. Ola Dubh is, in the words of beer afficionado Owen D.L. Barstow: “The most interesting new British beer I have tried in years.”"
Smitty's Review (16 Year Old)- Sampled at 50 degrees. Pours a deep dark brown with a milky brown head. Strong amounts of chocolate and dark roast in the nose. Full bodied, but with soft carbonation and smooth oily texture. This goes through a roller coaster of flavors, starting with chocolate and subtle scotch, then moving to sweet notes of vanilla. Mid palate is dominated by smoke, peat, and ash. The dry and peppery finish has some warming alcohol followed by lingering notes of charred wood. This is definitely better as it gets closer to room temp when more of the chocolate and sweetness balance out the smoke. Very complex and well brewed, but a bit heavy on the smoke. Fans of smoked beers should like this.
Recommended Food Pairing: This begs to be paired with cured Meats and grilled foods
Where To Buy: Frugal McDugal (Liquor store side)

Ommegang Rare Vos (Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown , NY)
Description: Belgian Ale. ABV 6.5%. Rare Vos is flemmish for "Sly Fox," and the name of one of Brussels’ great cafes. It has a sweetly fruity malt character and yeasty spiciness. A fine dose of yeast permits the beer to mature and mellow in the bottle..
Smitty's Review
:Aroma of belgian esters and sweet wheat malt. Flavor profile has a subtle complexity. I picked up flavors of honey, pale malts, yeast, exotic fruits, cinnamon, and caramel.. Without looking up the style, I thought this was a Biere de Garde. The bitterness is well done, with a slight lean to the aggressive side. There is a perfect amount of residual sweetness to balance things out. Finish is semi dry and yeasty.
Recommended Food Pairing: Lamb, cheese, pork.
Other good offerings from Ommegag: From the liquor store side- Three Philosophers
Where To Buy: Midtown Wine and Spirits and Frugal McDugal (Liquor store side)

Panil Barriqee (Panil Birra Artigianale, Torrechiara-Parma, Italy)
Description: Sour Ale. ABV 8%. "This masterpiece is ‘triple-fermented.’ Primary fermentation is in stainless steel. The deep earthy, sour character results from three months of maturation in cognac barrels from Bordeaux, followed by re-fermentation and further aging in the bottle. Barriquée is not pasteurized or filtered, and no sweeteners are added, so it is uncompromisingly dry and complex, and endlessly interesting."
Smitty's Review
: Pours a muddy amber red with a limp beige head. Aroma of tart cherries, malt, vinegar, and wild yeast. Medium bodied with soft carbonation, with a thin but not watery texture. Earthy malt backbone of dark wheat and figs, countered by a subtle cherry sourness and dry woodiness. For a wild beer, this well balanced. I really appreciate that it was not overly sour (like New Belgium La Folie) or too acidic (Rodenback Grand Cru).
Recommended Food Pairing: Chocolate, Mussels, Antipasto (with cured meats)
Where To Buy: Frugal McDugal (Liquor store side)

In addition to the beers mentioned above, a few other breweries are now available at the under 6% stores. Look for offerings from Appalachian Brewing Company (PA) and Fort Collins Brewing Company (CO), Boulevard Brewing Company (MO), and Boulder Beer Company (CO).

Any other new beers in Nashville I should know about? Are there other places that carry these beers? Questions about other local or national craft beers? Please feel free to email me at centralgritlap@att.net


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